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Monday, 7 April 2014

Hi there!

I'm author Mimi Strong. Welcome to my website!

Are you new to my books and not sure where to start? If you are, then I recommend you download my "Sexy and Funny" sampler bundle.

This digital anthology contains a mix of my complete stories, plus series lead-ins. To make this great deal even sweeter, it's only 99cents, for a limited time.

This sampler bundle is available for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad, Android. My other titles are available in paperback, but this anthology is too big and deliciously chunky for a paperback, so it's ebook only.

Are you here wondering about my NEWEST books and series? Here you go!

Released January 2014

TWO TO TANGO - Skye, a former stripper with a bad attitude toward the wealthy, meets Charlie, the rich owner of a country club.

This is a very steamy read with frequent erotic scenes.

The paperback edition is 359 pages. This is a complete, stand-alone book with no cliffhanger.

Released April 2014

BLUE ROSES - A hilarious new story about a gruff motorbike repair shop owner trying to win the heart of a jaded florist. Tina has seen first-hand how Luca's relationships end with him sending apology flowers. She's worried she might be his next disaster.

This is a romantic, comedic read with sex scenes that are a little softer than my various Mimi Strong erotic series to date.

Blue Roses is a complete, stand-alone book, of about 200 pages in the upcoming print edition. It is the first in my new Baker Street Romance series. All the stories in this series are inter-woven, with characters crossing over. The Baker Street books may be read in any order. More books in this series are coming this summer.

Blue Roses is currently available exclusively in the "Alphas After Dark" anthology. It will be re-released on its own as an ebook, and paperback, in May 2014.

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